Academy star launches Ramadan nutrition guide

Blues Academy youngster Layla Banaras, 15, has launched a new resource for Muslim athletes at all standards that will help them to continue playing sport to the best of their ability during Ramadan.

Starting this week, Muslims across the world will observe a month of fasting, with food and drink not being consumed in daylight hours. And for those, like Layla, competing and training regularly all week, the importance of energy and hydration is intensified, however, there is currently very little guidance about nutrition available.

Layla discovered this when she fasted for the first time last year, aged 14. Since then, Layla has been working with her coaches, with Club nutritionists and with the PFA to make sure help and guidance is on-hand for Muslim athletes during the Holy Month.

Now available to download below, Layla has produced a Ramadan Nutrition Guide, which gives examples of the food and drink athletes should be consuming and when, as well an insight into the science behind the choices. In partnership with the PFA, she has also produced a Ramadan Meal Planner, so that athletes can record what they have eaten, how they felt and note any changes that they would make.

The idea behind Layla’s campaign is to not only equip Muslim sportspeople with the tools to carry on playing and competing, but to remove barriers that young Muslims might have about playing sport and fasting simultaneously.

Download Layla's Ramadan Nutrition guide and Meal Planner

Layla’s Ramadan Nutrition Guide


Layla's Ramadan Meal Planner


Layla has also spoken with Sky Sports about her work.